Quotes from the ZOO in YOU:

“Jesus bore all our anxiety, our fear and our fury. This is the monstrosity of the cross, more comforting than our wildest dreams.”

– Michael Frost, Chapter 17

“Doubts drive me to prayer, and prayer lifts me from being paralysed.”

– Tim Costello, Chapter 10

“The scandal of the Bible is that God is better than perfect. God is good!”

– Brian McLaren, Chapter 23

“Hope is an attitude, a matter of choosing which direction to face.”

– Alison Sampson, Chapter 18

“Cheap grace is where what Christ has done for us is separated from what Christ longs to do through us.”

– Jarrod McKenna, Chapter 7

“The serpent seduces, his questions lead to death, both earthly and spiritual. Jesus invites, calling us to follow and to serve, his actions lead us to life in fullness.”

– Mark Sayers, Chapter 8

“Yes, submission begins with a realisation, can plunge us into grief and threaten our security. But it is the seed of new life.”

– Sheridan Voysey, Chapter 4


Faith Lessons on the Wildness Within

This powerful book brings together leading Christian voices to engage with life’s big questions of grief, grace, doubt, faith and hope. Each meditation uses the insight of animal imagery and is accompanied by enriching poems and prayers by award-winning poet Cameron Semmens.

Contributors include...

  • Tim Costello
  • Brian McLaren
  • Mark Sayers
  • Michael Frost
  • Geoff Bullock
  • Naomi Reed
  • Karl Faase
  • Roma Waterman
  • Sheridan Voysey and many more!

This book will move you into faith, into action and into God. It is perfect for individual contemplation or Small Group discussion.

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