Cameron's Publishing Helpfulness

As a self-published poet, I've always enjoyed the process of pulling a book together. Over the years, I've steadily developed my skills in graphic design, and my proficiency in the premier book design software Adobe InDesign. So when I was approached to design a book for a fellow poet, I realised: "Yes, I can do that! I can help people get their books published and looking good!" Can I be of help to you?

How I can help you:

  • Book layout and design (in Adobe InDesign).
  • Book cover design, for physical books and eBooks.

Examples of my work:

Transformational Education

– Internal layout, 2015.


– Cover and internal layout, 2015.

Grace Undone

– Cover and internal layout, 2014.

A Lightness of Being

– Cover and internal layout, 2014.

Memory Weaving

– Cover and internal layout, 2014.

Taking Flight

– Cover and internal layout, 2013.

Exploring the Depths

– Cover and internal layout, 2013.

Listen Up!

– Cover and internal layout, 2013.

Natural Yarns

– Internal layout, 2013.

My design ethos:

In book design, I like to make things CLEAR, CREATIVE and COHESIVE.

CLEAR - because good art always has an element of clarity, and you don't want to alienate your readers with confusing structure or un-readable fonts.

CREATIVE - because a new book needs something fresh about its design, to set it apart from previous works.

COHESIVE - because consistent design helps unite a book as a single unit, rather than a collection of parts.

My Fees for 2017:

All flat-rate AUD prices, GST included.

  1. BODY of BOOK only: print-ready physical book layout and design. Not including cover. Up to 160 A4 pages (if longer, can provide custom quote): $700
  2. COVER only: layout and design (both physical book and/or eBook): $250
  3. BODY of BOOK and COVER: $900


To discuss your needs, fees, files, timeframes etc, send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!

Book Editing:

If you want to make your book the best is can be, I strongly recommend finding an editor. I have an informal business relationship with a highly experienced copy editor and proof reader, Leigh Hay. Get in touch with me if you'd like to be connected with her.


"Cameron's work in book lay-out and design is collaborative, creative and meticulous.

From the first conversation until the finished product, he makes all things seem possible. I am most grateful for the ease with which my book happened."

- Marlene Marburg,
author of 'Grace Undone - Love'

"Cameron Semmens has set up and designed two anthologies I have edited over the last twelve months. In working on the projects he has been able to bring to fruition beautifully presented books which captured and expanded on my ideas and more than achieved the criteria.

He was able to meet deadlines, provide feedback and assist with the publication process. The book designs have been very well received and have been featured in several publications. I unconditionally endorse Cameron's work."

- Carolyn Vimpani,
Editor of 'Memory Weaving' and 'Memory Byways'

"When Cameron Semmens agreed to set up and design my full colour poetry book I knew that he would produce a high quality article. The finished product has exceeded all my hopes.

I provided Cam with text and photographs, and he used his considerable artistic skills. His designs for the front and back covers, and the internal layout, really complement the poems.

He has highlighted the internal photos and chosen a font which he felt suited my style of writing. Throughout the process Cam offered suggestions for me to consider and almost without exception he provided exactly what the book required to make it - as a friend of mine said - a stunning volume. I am delighted with the book."

- Maree Silver,
author of 'Threshold'