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Star! Stable! Saviour!


10 Poems that could really help you through a tough spot


Jesus, Gandhi and Hitler walk into a Poem


Ice Skating in the Taj Mahal cover

Ice Skating in the Taj Mahal


The Poetry of Home

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Random Cow

[ Sold Out, but much of the content is included within Ice Skating in The Taj Mahal ]

Love is the New Black


Through the Lover's Window


26 Tales From The Testaments

[ Sold Out, but most of the content is included within Love is The New Black ]


[ Sold Out! ]

Water, Wine and a Wonderful Wedding

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The Story of The Star, The Stable and The Saviour

[ Sold Out in this original form - but re-released as Star! Stable! Saviour! ]

CDs and Other Stuff

10 Tales

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$17.95 $15.00

The Theologast


Chevalet - Cam's Music/Poetry Project

Cam's Music/poetry project

Cute Girls Love To Crochet

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A Souvenir of Sadness and a Bottle of Bliss

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Chevalet - The Sacred Set

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